Circulation Heaters

Warren Electric Circulation Heaters are designed and manufactured in a wide range of models, ratings, and watt densities for many applications. Circulation Heaters consist of either a flanged or screw plug heater which is mated to a casing with inlet, outlet, vent, & drain options to meet your specifications.

The packaged system with a Warren Electric Circulation Heater is designed to supply the right amount of energy to heat the process fluid to the desired temperature, for a given flow rate. Circulation heaters with brazed or welded construction, center core baffles for increased velocities available.

Circulation Heater Specifications
Available in Flanged and Screw Plug Designs
Inlet/Outlet: FNPT coupling (std.), MNPT thd. pipe, ANSI flanged, consult factory for other options
Insulation: up to 2” Calcium Silicate (std.) with steel jacket. Also available without insulation or other insulation types


Chemical processing, industrial water heating, oil and gas industry, food and beverage processing, and more.

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