Model Number Configurator

Warren Electric has established a model numbering system that is unique in that it allows you to indicate most specifications, such as wattage, voltage, flange size, immersion length, element sheath material, etc.

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How to determine the model number

Pressure Rating (PSI)

The standard pressure rated is 150 PSI. Other maximum pressure ratings are available. If no pressure rating is indicated in the model number, the pressure rating will be 150 PSI.

Temperature Control Designation

“X” signifies no control; “1” through “4” designate thermostat temperature ranges; “5” indicates the use of a thermocouple. (The type of thermocouple is not included in the model number.)

Flange or Screw Plug Size

Flange or Screw Plug sizes are designated alphabetically.

Flange or Screw Plug Construction

Each basic heater type has its own one-letter designation. “S” for Screw Plug Heaters, “F” for Flanged Heaters, “J” for Jacketed Circulation Heaters, “T” for Over- the-Side Immersion Heaters.


Indicates kilowatt rating.


Is nominal operating voltage. Voltages other than 120, 240, 480 and 550 are specified with a 3-digit voltage number.

Immersed Length

Indicated in inches.

Element Sheath Material

Indicates element sheath material. If no letter is indicated, the sheath material is Carbon Steel.

Optional Modifications

Options such as Explosion-Resistant and/or Weather-Resistant Terminal Enclosures, are indicated in the model number.


Indicates 1 or 3 phase voltage. If no number is indicated, single phase is furnished.